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A uniquely positioned IT services and solutions company, Novacoast is less defined by our broad range of expertise and services than by a perspective rooted in our cooperative environment of adaptable problem solving. Beyond security specialists, software developers or network engineers, we are guides, allies, and problem solvers. From implementation services, license fulfillment and technical training to software development, staffing services and custom or emerging solutions, Novacoast is an experienced and comprehensive IT business resource empowered on every level by our flexible and fearless perspective.

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We are proud to be partnering with Whalebird Kombucha for our Fall 2018 Rush—Start Your Future

With a growing trend in health conscious habits amongst West Coasters, there is no surprise that kombucha’s popularity has been, pun intended, mushrooming. But according to Mike Durighello—the CEO of Whalebird Kombucha—you don’t have to be a yogi, a hippie, or health conscious at all to enjoy a bottle of their kombucha. Kombucha, the ancient fizzy, fermented drink that originated in Asia, is a probiotic tea infused with yeast and beneficial bacteria to create fermentation. The many health benefits of the drink include probiotics that improve gut health and immunity, antioxidants that decrease inflammation, and organic acids that fight against bacterial growth as well as promote detoxification. And if that weren’t enough, many kombucha aficionados, including Mike who drank an average 6 bottles a week while he was a student at UC Santa Cruz, claim that the drink gives them energy boosts, a curbed appetite as well as a strengthened ability to focus. Lives up to the hype, huh? Next time you head to the library for yet another all nighter, skip the sugary caffeinated drinks and grab yourself a booch instead.

Mike started his company after finishing his undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at UCSC with a high school friend who was also interested in entrepreneurship. Mike recognized his passion for kombucha as well as a lack in the market of brands that appealed to a diverse demographic of anyone interested in craft beverages. They spent their hours watching YouTube videos that taught them to brew their own kombucha from scratch. After mastering the booch brew, they moved on to flavor. They knew other companies used pasteurized juices to add flavor to the drink but they wanted something that was completely natural—no preservatives, no pasteurization. So, they turned to a local teahouse that offered organic teas, herbs, flowers, and edible essential oils. They experimented with a combination of the organic black teas and a variety of flavors to create the unique flavor profiles that are now available for purchase including their popular dry hopped pamplemousse which features organic kombucha culture, organic black tea, and organic cane sugar as the kombucha base and citra hops, cascade hops, and grapefruit essential oils for a clean and earthy taste.

That’s how Whalebird Kombucha came to be, offering kombucha for everyone as an alternative to beer or soda. They create a simple product—a probiotic tea—but embody a much bigger purpose: enriching the health and wellness of not only their employees and consumers but their community. The ocean, waves, and beaches have been the long-term playground for Whalebird team members who regularly scuba dive, snorkel, and surf. Their passion for our coasts has empowered them to raise over $15,000 for various local environmental charities including the Surfrider Foundation by organizing concerts and donating a portion of their profits toward conservation efforts.

Mike says that the bond that he shares with his team is crucial to their entrepreneurial success. “You need a partner,” he says, “one that you can not only sleep, live, and eat with but one that is just as committed as you.” He credits his partner Jacob for having the same amount of gusto and passion for their kombucha as Mike himself, making them a powerful force behind Whalebird. He also advises small business owners to seek help from experts. “At the beginning, we were all doing everything. I was brewing the kombucha, handling sales and marketing as well as invoicing, accounting and delivery. But now I only handle sales and marketing ‘cause that’s what I’m good at. Once all of our team members settled into a role that they’re particularly skilled in, everything became easier.” He also recommends working with a local SBDC (Small Business Development Center), a resource offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration which helps small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed by offering free business consulting and low-cost training services including: business plan development, manufacturing assistance, exporting and importing support, and market research help.

Running a successful company in a highly competitive market such as food and drink can’t be easy, but the people at Whalebird have done it. They are proud to say that their kombucha is now being served all along the California coast.

Stop by our table at the Arbor during the week of October 1st to grab yourself a glass of Whalebird Kombucha and learn more about how Alpha Kappa Psi Omicron Omega can help you pursue your own business! You can also visit the Whalebird Kombucha website at www.whalebirdkombucha.com and search your zipcode to get a glass near you!

Whalebird Kombucha is brewed in San Luis Obispo with the highest quality, organically grown ingredients. Stop by their Brewery every Monday and Wednesday from 4PM-7:30PM or every Thursday at San Luis Obispo's farmers market. You can also find their kombucha at multiple locations in downtown Santa Barbara including Mesa Verde, Brasil Arts Cafe, Handlebar Coffee Roasters, Finch & Fork, Blue Owl, Kotuku, and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.


The cornerstone of human nutrition is protein, and the KOS mission begins there. We produce an amazing tasting plant-based protein blend. This is a proprietary formulation we mix in small, artisanal batches in our own lab. You won’t find KOS in your local grocery hangar, huge plastic tubs of weird powder stacked into impulse-buy pyramids. We want to get personal, have a conversation. We offer a small-batch, boutique, totally plant-based protein product made out of the good stuff that springs from the soil. Transparent ingredients transparently sourced. Our mad scientists are farmers.

Meat is monumentally resource-greedy, and an almost comically inefficient use of caloric energy. It’s sort of like trying to cure your headache by feeding the family dog a bowl of aspirin, and then eating the dog. We're not anti-meat, we're just pro-plant.

KOS’ organic, all-natural protein is designed to give your engine the high-octane punch it needs — and without the fuel contaminants found in animal-based whey protein. We want to infuse you, and your community, with vibrant, sustainable, organic health and well-being. At the risk of sounding saccharine, we really want to do good by the world, and by you. Blame it on our moms.

Food has a problem. KOS is approaching the issue at its protein base, building a brick-by-brick model of individual sustainability that can’t help but scale to the larger world. Because the larger world is All of Us.

KOS. Empower the Seed. There’s a World to Feed.

Get your own tub of KOS protein by attending our rush events during the week of October 1st-4th—we will be raffling off 2 tubs a night! Find more information about our rush schedule here: Fall Rush 2018 | Start Your Future.